Kyoko Fujishiro


Ms. Kyoko Fujishiro was born in Saigon, Vietnam. She spends the young time with father who was a diplomat in France, Switzerland. She graduates from Shochiku music and dancing school at the top. She belongs to the most famous theater back in time, "Asakusa International Theater" and performed as a top dancer.
She acquires a career of a dance as Fulbright foreign student in Juilliard School of New York in 1968. She studied under Mr. Jose Rimon in Broadway likewise. Result of her studying abroad appeared immediately, in 1971 of the next year when she went back to Japan, she acquired "the recommendation of art rookie of the year title" that the Japan Education Ministry sponsored. As for her, there is the experience that many choreographers did in a music channel of television, a review show, a field of a musical even besides a classic work. She directed much operetta works such as "Mary widows" and " Das Land des Laechelns " in Association of Japan Operetta Foundation for 30 years.
She take in technique of Noh by both ballet and "robe of an angel" and operetta "Pygmalion" which became a topic by collaboration with Japanese Noh, and the sum total is deep in Japanese tradition theatrical art.
She plays an active part as costume designer now and shows a way of diversity of her talent.

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